There are still snowball fights

Snow does some freaky shit here.

This is the view of the lake from the graveyard hill before winter flung itself at Oswego...

And the view after.  Yes that's ice, and no it's not solid.

We went to North Carolina for Christmas, and this is what we came back to.  Before...

...and after.  The weight of frozen water and snow was too much for the canopy, and one of the supports snapped.  Garrett was at work, so I took it upon myself to rescue his bike.

And this is after the rescue mission.  I had to shovel a great deal of snow off the canopy before it was safe to un-velcro the fabric from the frame.

The rescued bike.  Not much worse for the wear.

The novelty of snow and near-zero temperatures has all but worn off for me.  I go for 2-hour runs outside most days, and lately the wind chill sticks around 10 degrees.  Driving in snow is no problem, even without my car's 4WD.  I can't go outside in sneakers anymore; I have to wear my big boots if I want to keep the snow on the outside of my shoes.  Not that I mind any of this.  Yesterday it got just above freezing, and I was quite comfortable in only a t-shirt and a hoodie.

Adjusting to life here has been difficult, but adjusting to the weather's definitely the easiest part.

Conversely, I keep the thermostat in the house at 60 degrees; my toes are always cold.  And the heating bill still haunts my dreams.

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