Oswego in Pictures I

This is Garrett's and my place.  We rent the bottom floor, and I adore it.  I will post pictures when we have everything settled in and it's not just full of boxes.

We have a horse in our yard.  It was meant to be.

Garrett says the unofficial title of the town is "The Land of the Steel Sky", but I prefer "The Land of the Floofy Clouds That Dump Rain/Snow On You At Awkward Times".  I occasionally see glimpses of that sweet Carolina blue.


Oswego is home to Fort Ontario, about which I will tell you in another entry.  But this abandoned lot belongs to the fort, and I was not allowed to be on it.  These unused railroad tracks started about thirty feet back from the camera and ended fifty or so feet before the water.  And yes, out there beyond the trees is Lake Ontario.  I walked two blocks from my house to take this photo.  The wind was bracing.

There is something rougher, more romantic about Northern lighthouses that our Southern counterparts just don't have.  I think it's because the South doesn't get freezing winter storms with raging squalls and icy winds that will whip you into a case of hypothermia in a matter of seconds.

Back beyond the fence is the abandoned lot and the railroad tracks.  I am standing on another, more used set of tracks and behind me is the water.  I shouldn't have been on these tracks or the rickety wooden platform where I took the lighthouse picture, but I cannot resist the other side of a broken fence.

I adore the color gradation in this photo.  From the bottom: brown/red, green, green/blue, blue, grey.  See I can be artsy-fartsy with something other than words!

Now I really wasn't supposed to be here either.  But I heard a Jeep calling and had to come see.

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