Oswego in Pictures IV

Who wouldn't want to live on Tenth And A Half Street?  Really.

The surf reminds me of Nags Head.

I tell whoever will listen at least once daily that I love the clouds in this area.  They say it's because of the lake.  I didn't really realize it before, but I couldn't imagine not living near a big water anymore.

Remember the railroad tracks?  They went through a neighborhood.

See them off to the left?  They cross someone's front yard and a street.

This is where they stop.  It's an abandoned something or other, complete with overgrown vacant lot, broken windows, bent and rusted fence, useless dangling padlock, and door beyond the fence swinging temptingly open on one hinge.

I just really like this photo.

Like I said, this town has personality.

The squirrel is not real.

 The town dump.  I wanted very badly to go in and snoop around, but prudence and a bunch of signs persuaded me not to.

I want this to be on the side of my house.

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