Rosencrantz and Guildenstern's Twitter War

If you don’t know what’s going on, watch or read Tom Stoppard’s play “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead”. Now.

Also, try to guess which of us played which character. It should be relatively easy.

@Questioncrantz @Guildyascharged Why did the chicken cross the road? via Tweetdeck at 2:13PM

@Guildyascharged @Questioncrantz Why do you want to know? #questions #imwinning via Twitteriffic 2:13PM

@Questioncrantz @Guildyascharged Weren’t you watching the feather-coated bird as it trekked across the paved road? via Tweetdeck at 2:15PM

@Guildyascharged @Questioncrantz Was it something to watch? #questions #imstillwinning via Twitteriffic 2:16PM

@Questioncrantz @Guildyascharged Are you blind? #questions #guildysucks via Tweetdeck at 2:16PM

@Guildyascharged @Questioncrantz What is blindness? #questions #Rosysux via Twitteriffic at 2:17PM

@Questioncrantz @Guildyascharged Have you a dictionary or encyclopedia? via Tweetdeck at 2:18PM

@Guildyascharged @Questioncrantz Will you lend me yours? #questions #FU via Twitteriffic at 2:19PM

@Questioncrantz @Guildyascharged Didn’t I lend it to you last time, you ninny? via Tweetdeck at 2:19PM

@Guildyascharged @Questioncrantz When was last time? #questions #imstillwinning via Twitteriffic at 2:19PM

@Questioncrantz @Guildyascharged Wasn’t it around the same time you last tweeted without a hashtag? via Tweetdeck at 2:19PM

@Guildyascharged @Questioncrantz Oh is that what they’re called? #questions #nowiknow via Twitteriffic at 2:20PM

@Questioncrantz @Guildyascharged Did you not hear our bosom buddy Hamlet call them that, Gentle Guildy? via Tweetdeck at 2:22PM

@Guildyascharged @Questioncrantz Wasn’t that yesternight while we supped? #questions #grrrrrrrrr via Twitteriffic at 2:24PM

@Questioncrantz @Guildyascharged You mean you’ve figured out when and where we are?! via Tweetdeck at 2:24PM

@Guildyascharged @Questioncrantz You mean you haven’t?! #questions #SOCONFUSED via Twitteriffic at 2:25PM

@Questioncrantz @Guildyascharged Should I have? #questions #shortnsweet via Tweetdeck at 2:25PM

@Guildyascharged @Questioncrantz What kept you from figuring it out? #questions #iwillfuckingwin via Twitteriffic at 2:25PM

@Questioncrantz @Guildyascharged Is it not, if you think about it, still keeping me from figuring it out? #questions #guildysucks via Tweetdeck at 2:26PM

@Guildyascharged @Questioncrantz I…ye…oh fuck this. #FINEYOUWIN #youbastard #Rosysux #ohandBTWitsheads via Twitteriffic at 2:27PM

@Questioncrantz @Guildyascharged So that’s three-love, isn’t it? #IPwnAtQuestions via Tweetdeck at 2:27PM

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